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Choose Metropolis. Choose correctly.

Because of the experience

Metropolis is considered one of the largest and most significant companies in urban renewal and urban development in Israel, and not in vain. To date, we have completed and populated about 600 housing units in the cities in the Center of Israel (Tel Aviv, Givatayim, Ramat Gan, Herzliya, Petah Tikva etc.) and delivered keys to hundreds of happy families. This while maintaining the high standard of quality and service identified with us. Among our populated projects are also the Green Park complex in Neve Sharet, Tel Aviv, which was built in collaboration with Electra and SGS. The complex, which includes parks, advanced development and about 450 units in 6 luxury buildings, changed the face of Neve Sharet and significantly influenced people’s opinion of the neighborhood.

Metropolis is currently promoting implementation, planning, and licensing procedures for about 40 projects in urban renewal complexes and NOP 38/2, which include more than 6,000 housing units, in the coveted locations in the cities in the country’s Center (Tel Aviv, Givatayim, Herzliya and more). Among the projects, entire neighborhoods are planned from A to Z with an innovative urban perspective, from the parks, through the community and commercial buildings to the residential buildings.

Among our projects:

Metropolis Givatayim complex (approximately 200 housing units) – a perfect neighborhood in one of the most attractive locations in the center of Givatayim, Metropolis Herzliya complex (approximately 300 housing units) near the coastal road and the points of interest of Herzliya and the surrounding area, alongside intimate projects with premium standards at 49 Yehuda HaMaccabi Street and 41 Louis Marshall Street, in the sought-after old north of Tel Aviv.

Choose Metropolis. Choose correctly.

Because of the service

Urban renewal projects require exceptional care when it comes to the human aspect. In our perception, every project is a partnership between us and the residents and our success is their success. The vast experience we have gained in the field has taught us to deal with the sensitive points in the process while being fully transparent, sensitive and attentive to the needs of the residents who evacuate their apartments. Our vision combines personal, professional, dedicated and advanced care for each resident, and therein lies our uniqueness and strength.

Do not forget that these projects are conducted within built-up and dense urban surroundings and therefore, alongside dealing with the people, they also require expertise, professionalism, knowledge, and an elevated level of performance. We at Metropolis, as a strategic decision and out of a sense of mission, have set ourselves a goal: to create a level of professional excellence in the field of construction quality and service, which will lead to a new Israeli standard in this sector.

Out of an uncompromising commitment to provide our customers with the best product and service levels in every situation, we ensure the quality of planning and construction through an internal and external supervision and control system, an internal engineering division and the accompaniment of certified standartization companies. All planning and construction procedures in Metropolis are monitored in real time, under the certification of the Israeli Standards Institute.

Alongside these, Metropolis also places emphasis on green and energy-efficient construction and invests a lot of resources in the quality of the environment, from the stage of architectural thinking and planning.

Choose Metropolis. Choose correctly.

Because of the security

In an urban renewal project, with the various complexities that accompany the process throughout, the economic strength and financial stability of the company are of crucial importance.

Metropolis is owned by two leading groups in the Israeli economy, which give it exceptional financial strength:

Allied Group – one of the largest and most stable holding companies in the country, which has been operating for decades in the automotive, real estate, home electronics and infrastructure industries and owns leading brands.

Eldar Group – one of the main real estate companies in Israel, which initiates and manages real estate activities in Israel and Europe amounting to more than 1 billion NIS.

The fact that Metropolis is owned by these two leading groups in the Israeli economy, gives it exceptional financial strength, which allows it to successfully deal with large and significant projects, and fulfill all its obligations while providing guarantees and creating full security from the financial side. This fact gives peace of mind to customers, allowing them to set out knowing that they will receive full value for their money, at the time promised to them and up to the high standard the company has undertaken.

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